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“Surreal Lightning”- Altus, Oklahoma – Glenn Patterson – Guest Photographer   43 comments



“Surreal Lightning”- Altus, Oklahoma – Glenn Patterson – Guest Photographer

Glenn captures what could be a movie poster titled “2012: End of the World”.  I expect a giant space ship to pop out of the clouds and start leveling the sleeping city below.   I can hear the rumble of the thunder in my minds ear.  The rain seems to explode from the cloud with violent force and the lightning really is surreal.  Glen is a true storm chaser and has a collection of several wonderful lightning photographs. 

For his largest portfolio check out   or for his videos

Here is Glenn with the reality of this amazing photograph:

Took this shot August 21st 2010 around 2am.  I was out and about chasing some Thunderstorms, I particularly like going after Lightning myself when chasing.  The night of shots wasn’t turning out anything spectacular for me, so I was heading back to the house to call it a night, but on my way back I see this small cell off to my west.  The cell wasn’t more than mile or two in diameter, but it had a rain core in the center and lightning was dancing all around it, so I stopped at a small rest stop just 5 miles north of my town Altus, Oklahoma.  I got my window mount secured, the camera set-up, and just started shooting.  It was little surreal that this little storm was so active and having the full moon behind the storm adding some back light to the storm was an added bonus.  Along with the city lights highlighting the left side of the storm made it the perfect set-up.  I’m glad I gave up on the bigger storm to run into this little powerhouse, gotta love the randomness of Mother Nature.

Camera: Canon Rebel T1i
Exposure: 30sec
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 200

Processed image in Photoshop CS5. Created a HDR tone map of the image and multiplied it over the original image to help bring out the detail of the clouds.

Catch Glenn on his Facebook page to keep in touch.

Yangshuo County, Guilin, China – Justin Dong – Guest Photographer   38 comments


Justin Dong – Guest Photographer

Today’s photo comes from our guest photographer Justin Dong.  He is a college student at Rice University who has been studying abroad in Asia.  You can check out his interesting work at  His HDR images are top notch.

Take it away Justin,

Yangshuo county in Guilin (Guangxi province), China contains some of the most breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s a saying that goes: “Guilin’s scenery is the best under heaven, Yangshuo’s scenery is the best in Guilin.”  That should tell you all you need to know. The 20 RMB bank note illustration is actually a portion of the Lijiang River (Li River for short) near Yangshuo.

On our last day, we made a short hike up a hill to view the sunset over Yangshuo. The whole scene – the mountains, the vibrant skies, the people going about their business below us – was just surreal. Definitely one of the best moments of my life.

Charlie again.

Here are the camera settings for all you photo geeks like myself.

 exposure – -2, 0, +2 HDR, ISO – 100, f-stop – 2.8, focal length – 14mm, lens – Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX. The sun sets behind the mountains of Yangshuo.

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