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Great Sand Dunes National Park – Mel Mann – Guest Photographer   47 comments



The World of Mel Mann – Guest Photographer

Today’s guest photographer is Mel Mann from Omaha, Nebraska.  Mel has a passion for photographing the natural world and this is evident in his very clean photo gallery (  He also cranks out a very interesting blog to explain a lot of his artistic ideas at  We love today’s image because it shows so many ecological zones –  from the prairie to the snowcapped mountains.  To top it off, they are compressed in a two dimensional way that gives the feel of a master painter. 

Here is Mel…

This was made at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado about 15 minutes before sunset in March.  The wind was blowing pretty strong, moving the clouds from left to right across the frame.  I was standing in the lee of my SUV to keep the tripod steady.  These are two medium format film slides (Velvia 50) stitched together in Photoshop CS5 with some adjustments in NIK Color Efex Pro.  This is a very interesting national park that is really off the beaten path but is very open to hikers and explorers, giving photographers a vast selection of perspectives.

Brown Horse at Sunrise – Sugarloaf Mountain, CO   9 comments


Brown Horse at Sunrise – Sugarloaf Mountain, CO

I am sure there are a lot of horse people out there so this image is for you.  It is also for you if you only kind of like horses.  If you don’t like horses at all then just focus on the sunrise.  Everyone likes sunrises unless of course you are a vampire.  If you happen to be a vampire don’t feel left out.  I am sure I have some fruit bat images that I need to process.  So keep following.  Also if anyone can tell me what kind of horse this is then please let me know.  I would love to impress my aunt when I ask her how Brown Horse the “insert breed here” horse is doing.

Buffalo Bill’s Coffee Shop – Nederland, CO   10 comments

Buffalo Bill’s Coffee Shop – Nederland, CO

I love off the beaten track places and if you have ever been to Nederland, CO then you will know this is one of them.  I have relatives that live on Sugarloaf Mountain and we went into town one day for lunch.   Nederland reminds me of a gateway to the wilderness type of town.  If you need firewood for the winter or just some granola for the trail this is your last place to get it.  Parts of the town look like an old western movie set straight out of Hollywood.   This old train car caught my eye and realized it was transformed into a coffee shop.  The coffee is good and they make fresh donuts daily.   MMMM!  Just what you need on a cold rocky mountain morning.   

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