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Lake Carrowmore, Ireland – Dave Kennedy – Guest Photographer   54 comments

Lake Carrowmore, Ireland – Dave Kennedy – Guest Photographer

Today’s guest photographer is Dave Kennedy from Dublin, Ireland.  Dave runs a really beautiful photo blog called Visions of the Phoenix Park( .  He has a passion for trees, black and white photography, and film.  That’s right film!  Once you check out his amazing portfolio, I am sure you will want to dust off the old SLR film body and give it a go just like old times.   In the meantime, here is a taste of what you will see.  So grab a pint of Guinness and enjoy the image.

Take it away Dave!

This photo was taken in the west of Ireland in a region of north County Mayo called Carrowmore.  The lake is situated about 5km from the Atlantic coast.  It is a place of real beauty and calm, in fact I don’t think it’s physically possible to feel any kind of stress when you are here.  I have the pleasure of visiting this area at least 2 / 3 times a year, it’s somewhere I like to visit in both summer and winter just to see the difference in the landscape from season to season.  The photo was taken on a Canon Eos 20D using a Tamron 28 to 70 mm lens.  I brought the ISO on the camera down to 100 so the exposure could be lengthened a bit.  Thankfully the lake was completely still at the time.

Charlie Again!

I forgot to mention Dave also has an amazing Flickr site.  Below is one of my favorite images.

Dave is loaded with sites! Here are a couple more…

Dave’s Etsy Store –

Purchase Dave’s Prints Here –

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