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“On Guard” – Notre Dame, Paris, France – Benjamin Becker – Featured Photographer   67 comments



“On Guard” – Notre Dame, Paris, France – Benjamin Becker – Featured Photographer

This is the view that inspired Victor Hugo to write “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.  The gargoyles were originally created to allow rainwater to run through their mouths and away from the church’s foundation.  Today they are just a part of one of the best examples of French gothic architecture ever created.  Ben did an excellent job of incorporating the gargoyle into the photo without overpowering the shot.  Enjoy and then please check out his website at

Here is  Benjamin:

I took this photo on a short trip to Paris in June last year.  Me and my girlfriend had a long waiting time in a much longer line of people to enter Notre Dame, it felt like an eternity – we managed it.  But to arrive on the top platform we had to climb up some very narrow circular staircases – we managed it, too. And our reward was this wonderful view over Paris.  Then I saw these amazing gargoyles and one was looking better than the one before.  The clouds were great and some sun rays came through them.

So I took some shots in landscape format with my EF 24-105mm on my 7D, but I didn’t get a nice capture. So I took a little series of portrait format shots to stitch a panorama at home.

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