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“Prague by Night” – Prague, Czech Republic – Alin Balanean – Featured Photographer   63 comments


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“Prague by Night” – Prague, Czech Republic – Alin Balanean – Featured Photographer

If Dracula (or Count Chocula) had a castle in town I would assume it would look a lot like this one towering over the city.  He would patrol the streets at night looking for his next victim.  I also love how the reflection in the river reduces the jagged spires into bolts of vivid color.  Alin does a great job of capturing the mood in this photo making me want to retrace his steps through the gothic town.  After reading about his trip to Prague please visit the rest of his beautiful portfolio at and

Here is Alin:

This was our first time in this ancient city.  The warm sunny days in October made the travel to this place like a promise of the things we were about to see for the first time.

The feelings we had on the first contact with its streets, people, architecture, city life, were those whose perfume we felt since we were on the road towards this medieval town.  It’s easy be drawn by the city atmosphere.  Every street you walk on urges for you to discover it’s story, it’s colors, shapes, and people. 

After a long day of roaming down the beautiful streets, we came across this point on the Bridge of Legions.  The wind started to blow and the low temperature of the night told us that this would be the last shot of the day. It was a wonderful spot to catch a view over Lesser Town (Malá Strana) and Prague Castle.

I used my Gorilla tripod for the three bracketed shots to catch the wide dynamic range of the scene, 62mm and F/7.1 aperture set on the lens borrowed from Bianca for this shot – it’s good to travel with friends with the same passion and on the same camera system – snapped the shots and made a quick check if everything were as intended… 

None of the three shots looked good taken alone, but I knew they will fit nicely in Photoshop blended together at home.

Camera: Nikon D80

Lens: Nikon 18-105mm

Exposure info: three shots bracketed at -2 EV(2sec), 0EV(8sec), +2EV(30sec)

 ISO 200

 F/7.1, 62mm

 WB: incandescent

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