“Curious Dragon”- Komodo Island, Indonesia – Will & Matt Burrard – Lucas – Featured Photographers   52 comments



“Curious Dragon”- Komodo Island, Indonesia – Will & Matt Burrard – Lucas – Featured Photographers

When we saw this image by the Burrard-Lucas brothers the Photobotos brothers were blown away.  You don’t get inches away from 10 foot lizards with killer saliva so we had to know how they did it.  These guys as you will see are not only great photographers, but are very clever in how they obtain them.    You can find them at http://www.burrard-lucas.com/

After checking out their Komodo dragon photos, hop over to their Giant Panda Expedition at http://blog.burrard-lucas.com/2011/10/giant-panda-tracking/. The photos are incredible.

Also here are some links to keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter



Take it away guys!

We recently spent three days traveling around the Indonesian islands of Komodo and Rinca, photographing the legendary Komodo dragons.

Preparation for the trip commenced several weeks earlier, as I attempted to devise an effective and safe way of getting wide-angle, close-up shots of these notoriously dangerous creatures.  I would not have time to set-up camera traps, and I didn’t have enough room to take BeetleCam, so I came up with something a little more basic!

I mounted my camera on top of two wheels (generously donated by my computer chair) and then attached this to a monopod so that I could push the rig up to the dragons. I figured this would give me a 2 meter head-start if one of them decided I looked like lunch! I named my new contraption “KomodoCam”!

Reaching Komodo Island was an epic undertaking… I had to fly to Singapore, then Bali, then the island of Flores, before taking a boat to Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Komodo dragons only live on a few isolated islands in this part of Indonesia.

It is hard to describe the excitement and trepidation I felt as the foreboding volcanic peaks of Komodo Island loomed up in front of me. The island was shrouded in ominous dark clouds and even the sea seemed to have turned black. It really felt like a land lost in time.

Towards the end of the second day of my trip, an opportunity to use KomodoCam at last presented itself; I came across a large dragon in a flat, open clearing in the forest. I nervously set up the rig and pushed it towards the dragon. The dragon treated the camera with curiosity and obligingly flicked its tongue in and out to investigate the unfamiliar object.  To my relief, the beast decided that there was nothing edible and I was spared seeing a Komodo dragon eat my Canon 1Ds mkIII!

52 responses to ““Curious Dragon”- Komodo Island, Indonesia – Will & Matt Burrard – Lucas – Featured Photographers

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  1. Cool. Love Indonesia ❤

  2. Reblogged this on SOUL.S|TTER.

  3. Looks so sexy!

  4. WoW!!1 That is an amazing shot and that tongue is unreal… 🙂

  5. Great pictures, good composition. I wonder why the Komodo did not eat your Komodocam 🙂 ?

  6. then you must explore Indonesia more often 🙂 *hey, i come from Indonesia

  7. I soooo want one of these! awesome..

    I write poems, and your pictures are brilliant for inspiration.
    follow back? 🙂

  8. That’s insane! Is that a line of poisonous drool coming off the komodo’s far side of its mouth? Ewww.

  9. I just spent more than 30 minutes exploring the Burrard-Lucas website! The pictires of lions, leopards and chameleons are excellent.
    They have also posted a video of their “BeetleCam”, a device that is remote controlled and gets them up close for shots of animals that would be life-threatening for a person. Great guest article!

    The Lioness

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  11. Excellent Shot

  12. Wow! Just out of reach, nice dof.

  13. Great story and photo!

  14. Don’t mess with that guy….

  15. Great photography indeed!

  16. Reblogged this on NatureFan and commented:
    Having seen Monitor Lizards in the wild, I can appreciate this very awesome picture of the Komodo dragon even more.
    These are amazing reptiles that can move quite fast if they need to.
    Another brilliant example of Nature.

  17. Hallo! He’s got that assertive yet inquisitive look that says…2 meter head start for onlooker…good idea; unbelievable pic. Thanks for posting. Makes me wish I traveled more.

  18. great pic

  19. i know they are the last dinosaurs, they really look so ‘out of this world” creatures…impressive, the picture too!

  20. Fear + ingenuity. Another tool for the camera bag.

  21. Ha – a great image. Would love to be on the other side of that camera…though the whole giant venomous creature aspect would be cause for hesitation!

  22. Amazing shot but … Yikes!

  23. a real dragon. awesome

  24. Is he saying ‘Don’t mess with me!’? What a great shot.

  25. Like the picture. LOVE the story!

  26. Brilliant shot! You’re braver than I would have been!

  27. Looks like a dino……

  28. This is a great blog if you are interested in photography. Thank you for your service!

  29. I adore lizards. Fantastic shot!

  30. Actually I have seen a Dragon in a Swedish zoo, together with the transport box, approved by CITES.
    Fantastic travel and photo!

  31. I would hate to meet up with one of these coming around a tree…haha awesome picture!

  32. Amazing – those beasts are having you for both breakfast and lunch. Where there in 1978 – and 2 years before that they had one of our passengers for lunch. All the found was some pieces of clothing, his hat and camera. I don’t think there is any safe way with those boys .. it’s only a lucky way. Fantastic photo.

  33. This is a ‘brave’ photo. Komodo dragons, from what I understand paralyze their prey, call their buddies for dinner and circle back to devour their helpless victims. This is one critter I would no doubt avoid.

  34. Fabulous capture!

  35. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go.

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  37. Wow, have to show this one to my family.

  38. Wow!

  39. Hi,
    Amazing photos – well impressive!

  40. That photo got my attention…..immediately!!!!

  41. I’ve seen these photos before, and read the story. I’m no less impressed seeing and reading it again. Awesome!

  42. Very clever contraption there & brilliant snap

  43. Great picture. And the narrative really helps you feel like you are there.

  44. What a shot, what a story 🙂

  45. That’s so cute that the dragon treated the camera on wheels with curiosity 🙂

  46. very nice. It gives me the chills. 😀

  47. Thank you so much for visiting my site and “liking” a post. It led me here to enjoy some amazing photos. Keep it up!

  48. Great work. Too bad the dragon did not eat your camera. I’m about to put my 1Ds Mark III for sale on eBay

  49. A stunning tribute to a creature so many people fear.

  50. this is truly astounding…not just the photo, which cannot be praised enough in simple words, but in all the effort and ingenuity that went into getting this shot. I am truly speechless!

  51. Wow! A true, modern-day Jules Verne you are! Great picture, the timing couldn’t have been much better, even a fraction of a second earlier or later and the tongue extension wouldn’t have been the same! Wonderful story, amazing trip! Did you camp in tents? If so, what protection did you have for curious interlopers?

  52. Brilliant photo, brilliantly told story.

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