“The Walkers”- Qingyan, China – Marc Tan – Guest Photographer   68 comments



“The Walkers”- Qingyan, China – Marc Tan – Guest Photographer

Ok I took the liberty of naming this one for Marc so the title is only temporary.  This photograph is so full of mood and depth that it reminds me more of a painting than photograph.  That is why I love it.  The four “walkers” are anchors for the eye and I want to know more about what they are doing and why?  The Chinese James Dean peering out of the doorway just puts this photo over the top for me.   All this with the looming storm clouds overhead.  Marc thanks for the story in one frame.  To check out more of Marc’s amazing photographs, please slip on over to http://500px.com/marcellian for a beautiful trip through Asia.  Also, here is the link to Marc’s photo gallery:  http://www.marcellian.com/

Take it away Marc:

This particular photo was taken in March last year by my Nikon D700 with 24-70mm lens when l visited China. It was Qingyan Ancient Town near Guiyang in China.  Dating back to the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Qingyan town was built for military reasons under the first emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.  Through years of modification and repeated restoration, it has gradually become a distinctive ancient town with cultural features of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The final image was delicately processed by means of Photoshop through multiple manipulations to create the outstanding tone and contrast to reinforce the scenario of its historical existence.

68 responses to ““The Walkers”- Qingyan, China – Marc Tan – Guest Photographer

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  1. That’s such a wonderful and moody image – reminds me of the China I used to know. Great !

  2. I do believe that I stopped breathing for a second when I saw this :O Love it!

  3. Magnificent shot! 🙂

  4. I am getting ready to go to China. This photo reinforces my desire to get off the beaten path…..Your ability to capture a moment in time is incredible. I agree with everyone else, you are a talent. Thanks for charing.

  5. Beautiful cinematic! Love it! 🙂

  6. These are such amazing photographs

  7. PhotoBotos. Thanks for the drive by because I am in love with the Photo.

  8. I’m still not convinced its not a painting. Remarkable!

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