Feeding Lions in Zimbabwe, Africa – Shane Cleminson – Guest Photographer   30 comments



Feeding Lions in Zimbabwe, Africa – Shane Cleminson – Guest Photographer

I must say when I opened this photo it stopped me in my tracks.  I didn’t expect to see feeding lions from BELOW eye level.  Insane!  I love it.  I can’t believe he is right in the action.  Shane is an African transplant now living in Maryland as a wedding photographer.  His eye is very sharp and he has tons of talent that is apparent on his website www.appletreeweddings.com  and blog  http://appletreestudiosblog.com/

Shane… Take it from here!

I shot this image about six years ago.  It is still one of my favorite shots.  I was working on a wildlife video for a conservation project in Zimbabwe, Africa.  I shot this with an old Canon 20D and the kit 18-55mm lens.  It was a bright day and I used a polarizing filter to get a bit more color in the sky.  I was able to get so close as I spent a few months working with a group of about 50 lions for a video documentary in Zimbabwe.  I was lying on the ground next to these lions.  They were eating a Blesbok.  Blesbok are native to South Africa, but a few places in Zimbabwe have imported them.  There used to be over 100,000 lions in sub Saharan Africa.  Today there are less than 15,000.  Sadly, most governments in Africa make too much money off hunting to list the lion as endangered.  More controlled hunting and better conservation of wild spaces would save the King of Beasts.

Here is a direct link to his lion photos. http://appletreestudiosblog.com/2012/01/20/our-favorite-lion-photos/


30 responses to “Feeding Lions in Zimbabwe, Africa – Shane Cleminson – Guest Photographer

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  1. Amazing. I love animals. I’d love to start an ethology master once I finish my degree.

  2. So at ease in their natural environment!

  3. Amazing stuff – reminds me of my lion-watching in Kruger National Park.

  4. From this to shooting weddings??? Seems like a step down. (no offense)

  5. WOW!! Utterly amazing! No fear!

  6. This is a very powerful and compelling image!

  7. My dad would love this shot. He went to a lion sanctuary in South Africa and was allowed to play with the lion cubs. He was tickling their bellies but said he wouldn’t fancy trying that when they were older.

  8. Remarkable those two lions are sitting and sharing the carcass….

  9. Oh, I love the tilted angle and how crisp the colors look! What an amazing shot! Kudos to your bravery as well! 🙂

  10. How courageous!

  11. Goodness!

  12. Powerful photos

  13. Fantastic photography…. Perfect day…. Magnificent animals….. Great colour…. Crazy concept….!

  14. That looks like a pure adrenaline rush! Great pic though! Me… I’m not so good with stuff like that, I’d be running like a scared chicken with my head cut off, lol… I commend you for your bravery and for such a schmantastic picture to share with us all. Thank you!

  15. Bravo!

  16. Amazing! I love the deep color of blue in the sky – it works so well with the golden yellows. If there is truth to the Bridezilla claims, I’m sure that previous experience with lions is really helping moving into wedding photography! hah!

  17. great POV I remember being in Botswana and the lion being so close and blending in so with the landscape I didn’t even see him. Then I took pictures but this one is awesome.

  18. This is definitely a picture that has a story surrounding it – always the best kind. Gorgeous!

  19. Good choice of photograph, I can see how it still resonates with you after an extended period of time. Must have been incredible to be so close to these beautiful creatures, it’s sad to know they’re under threat. Another reason to share these kind of photos, to broaden awareness of their survival.

  20. Okay, with all due respect, this was more than I needed to know. How bout another Golden Retriever galloping along the sand?

    I’m a whoose you see. My fantasy is they’re all vegans who play nice together – Here Kitty Kitty…Lol


  21. Now this is dedication and commitment to the shot.

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  23. The angle really does ‘make’ the photograph. Big change from Lions to Weddings.

    • Huge change to be shooting weddings in the USA after wildlife in Africa. Probably a bit safer though. I miss the African wildlife. I am doing a trip to South Africa in a few weeks and hope to have some great new shots.

  24. Wow, you feel like you are right there with them. CLOSE!

  25. OMG! Must be really scary to see this in reality! Very vivid shot and it’s like being there as it happens! Well done Shane 🙂

  26. Really nice, and the angle is perfect!

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