Day at the Beach – Beacon’s Beach – Encinitas, CA   54 comments



Day at the Beach – Encinitas, CA

Happy Thursday everyone!  On Tuesday I went on a big rant about procrastination and how it can kill your photography.  I urged everyone to go out within the next 23 hours and photograph something, anything.  Well, afterwards I realized I was talking to myself probably the loudest.  You see on January 2, 2012 we rescued a 13 week old golden retriever puppy.  When he was born he got the disease Parvo and was abandoned at a local vet’s office.  He was nursed back to health and  then went to a couple of foster families.  Finally he made it to us.  We then named him Maverick and ever since he has become part of our family.   He won’t be a puppy forever, yet I hadn’t taken a single photo of him.  So on Tuesday afternoon I took him to Beacon’s Beach at sunset and let him do his thing while I snapped away.  Puppies and kids are a great subjects because they almost never look bored when you take them some place new.  Maverick was no exception.  He spent most of his time chasing the receding tide and chewing on kelp.  Here is a photo from that shoot.  What did you shoot in your 23 hour period?

54 responses to “Day at the Beach – Beacon’s Beach – Encinitas, CA

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  1. I still love this one. He is so puppyish !

  2. Omgosh this is sooo cute!

  3. This photo is so great! It just grabbed my heart when I saw it. You’re fortunate he did not succumb-and I’m sure he will reward you many times over.

  4. I love this photo so much because all of his happiness and excitement captured within this shot i immediately felt- You are an amazing photographer!!!!

  5. Love this photo! He looks so happy.

  6. Wow, this is really really great. Looking forward to seeing other shots on your site! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. I swam with our golden in LA Jolla. Great lighting and feeling tone of the puppy and the time of day.

  8. great shot! and that dog is also extremely cute.. thanks for stopping by to drop a like on my blog 🙂

  9. Survived from parvo! He’s a miracle pup. And so cute. I wish I could take a great picture of my corgis like you.

  10. Aww, what a cute pup!

  11. I love how you captured the motion of the activity!

  12. Lovely photo – adorable subject.

  13. adorable!!

  14. These are inspiring photos. Thank you!

  15. The puppy is so cute! Love this photo!

  16. The pup is just precious!

  17. Great photo of a beautiful, beautiful pup! Congrats!

  18. This is awesome! He looks just like my dog (a few years ago!). Great photo 🙂

  19. OMG what a cutie, I can’t believe he has kelp in his mouth LOL. Great shot!

    StrangeLittleGirl Photography
  20. Thanks for taking care of this sweet pup. You’ll never go wrong with a golden! Love ’em.

  21. Wonderful photo and I’m happy he found a good home.

  22. Cannot get over how gorgeous Mav is!!! Omg!!!

  23. Adorable!!! I love the colours!!

  24. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I am now following your blog. You have some awesome photos.

  25. What is parvo? Disease or no disease, he is SUPER CUTE and I am glad for all of you that he found a good home 🙂

  26. i love this photo! i bet it captures his little adventurous spirit that all goldens share! beautiful post!

  27. I think he is beautiful and in good hands! Keep up the good work! Aren’t Dogs wonderful!

  28. Too cute!

  29. He’s lovely, I had a golden -get-it -yourself when my kids were growing up, she was the best dog ever and seeing your photo has made me well up. Enjoy him, he will bring so much to your life.

  30. What a beautiful photo. You’d never know from this that the poor little fellow had been ill. He looks so full of beans, and so handsome. 🙂

    Thanks for liking my posts – if you hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have come across your lovely photos. 🙂

  31. As the dog-Mom of an aging Golden, I welcome you to the fold! 😉
    Great photo, thanks for the ‘like’ over at my place, ‘tho I KNOW it wasn’t because of the pic!
    Hitting the ‘follow’ button next!

  32. That is just too cute 🙂

  33. Glad to see Maverick on your blog. He’s a cutie. Since I started my blog my person is always getting her camera out to take pictures of me.

  34. What a wonderful photo! Having lost my Golden Retriever on November 29th I’m truly grateful that I took photos of him during his life. Congratulations on your rescue.

  35. Hi,
    A gorgeous photo, he certainly looks happy and you can tell he is enjoying himself.
    I will never understand how some people can just abandon a puppy just like that, but he is now in a loving home and that is all that matters. No doubt we will be seeing more of Maverick and I will be looking forward to those photos.

  36. Totally looks like the dog is running on water. Love it!

  37. Parvo is pretty nasty. I had three dogs die from this disease. Maverick is a strong dog. He looks very happy! You captured his spirit nicely in this photo 🙂

  38. aw so sweet! reminds me of our late family dog when he was a puppy long ago! Enjoying the joy of life!

  39. Wonderful capture! While I didn’t pull out my camera on Tues (or Wed) due to my “other job” (you know, the one that supports the photography job …) I DID go to one of my favorite places to check out seasonal props to get some “newness” infused into my Pet Valentine shots. Today the studio is being set up for some shots, and Fri/Sat are also slated for shooting on set. And thank you for another “like” on my Texture Blog! ( Keep these great shots coming!

  40. He is so sweet. I think it’s so great you rescued him. Now I like you even more.


  41. Hi guys,

    That is one beautiful puppy picture; Congrats! It isn’t easy to achieve with a young animal. I loved Maverick’s story. Wishing him health and happiness!!

  42. Adorable! I spent a summer as a vet tech and I know how lucky he is to have survived Parvo. I watched many a puppy just become too exhausted to go on. Cheers and bravo for a beautiful little guy!

  43. He is adorable! Great photo! Looks like it should be in a magazine 🙂

  44. Love that pup! Great image!

  45. Such a nice photo; you really captured his playful nature. I can almost see him smiling through that piece of kelp. And thank goodness he came to your home — sometimes fostered dogs aren’t that lucky. But Maverick certainly is!

  46. Lovely happy pic with lots of movement!

  47. what a cutie…thanks for the reminder to try again to get a pup without blur photo. 🙂

  48. Gorgeous photo! I’m definitely following this blog. And thank you for liking my blog post The wonderful and the weird — Dwejra Bay and dinner show

  49. He looks very healthy… great pic… looks more like a painting by Monet… very beautiful… !

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