Antelope Canyon Insane Spiral – Page, AZ   147 comments

What is my motivation?

This sounds like a strange artistic question, but I think it is very important one.  It takes a ton of time to travel, shoot, cull, process, organize, and post the latest images so why do we do it.   For me it is simple. I love new experiences.  I am always wondering what is around the next corner.   Not because I hope it is better (grass is greener theory), but because it is unknown.  Maybe that is why I love surfing and snorkeling so much as well.  Each day is completely different than the last.  Today could easily be the best photograph you have ever taken or not, you just need to get out there and find out.

Antelope Canyon Insane Spiral – Page, AZ

Upper Antelope Canyon just outside of Page, AZ is one of the most abstract places I have ever been.  You can only go there with a Navajo guide, so sign up in town for the special photographer’s trip.  It is well worth the money and you are given a ton of time in the Canyon without the hordes of other tourists.   Also the guides will point out amazing angles to photograph the sandstone with bizarre results like the photo above.  I was laying down on my back shooting straight up for three roughly 15 second exposures (+2,0-2). The images were then processed in Photomatix Pro3, refined in Photoshop CS5, and finally smoothed out in Noiseware Professional.  I will be processing many more photos from this trip in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

147 responses to “Antelope Canyon Insane Spiral – Page, AZ

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  1. Again, you’ve added a different perspective to a frequently-shot scene.

  2. Just a quick look through others comments suggests to me I’m the only one to see the face right of centre looking left covered in ethereal toile! BTW I like the photo.

  3. Simply amazing.

  4. That is such a stunning image, beautiful!!

  5. Lovely yin-yang like capture. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I love your site. Great work

  7. I finally visited Antelope Canyon (upper and lower) this fall, after first seeing Bruce Barnbaum’s amazing BW images 25 years ago of this place. Nice spiral image you have here.

  8. Great photo, thanks for the like, Going to browse your photos now, really great shots.

  9. Wicked photo of Antelope Canyon! Wow. Thanks again for reading my blog! Keep up the great work you guys do. Cheers! 🙂

  10. Thank you for stopping by my site today. Gorgeous photo, and I like what you had to say.

  11. Thanks for the like.

  12. I so agree with your philosophy – I almost can’t drive past an unknown country road without turning down it, simply to find out what might be down there – I am so not an A to B person while travelling! One of my best ever travel experiences came when in SE Turkey for a few months, travelling by myself, and just following my nose, going to ‘Batman’ because of the name (and wasn’t an exciting town and justifiably not in the guidebooks!), BUT it did lead me onto what was an absolute highlight – a long minivan ride beside the Iraqi border to an incredible deserted troglodyte village will a 300 foot staircase carved INSIDE a cliff beside a gorge. It’s so brilliant that you are so curious about the world – don’t ever lose that gift. I Love your photos by the wa… I capture my memories and experiences more with words but your photos are inspirational! Julie

  13. Amazing swirls

  14. SO awesome. SO glad you stopped by our place!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Let me know if you make the biscotti and like them. I love this picture. Photography is something I used to do a bit more seriously but still enjoy for myself. Arizona has some stunning places to photograph, but then so does everywhere else. I like the southwest colors. I’ll be dropping by again.

  16. Just awesome…

  17. Oh Wow! This photo is insane! I have never been to Arizona and this would be well worth the trip. Simply incredible. I can’t wait to see the other photos.

  18. Absolutely spectacular! What a beautiful natrural phenomenon. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Phenomenal pic! Have never visited the Grand Canyon but hope to someday…

  20. Absolutely stunning! It reminds me of my time in Arizona…the beauty and strange dust storms. I am an adventurer, too.

  21. Really stunning image, first I thought it’s a piece of a fabric, decorated with feathers.

    Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

  22. I think you’re talking a the spirit of adventure, which I totally get! Amazing photo…

  23. Upper Antelope Canyon – thanks for showing this! Your photo is excellent. I wish I will travel to this place next time visiting the USA.

  24. Keep them coming..

    Great photos.

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Danny & Laura

  25. Fabulous! Must be an amazing place indeed!

  26. Really need to make it out to Antelope Canyon some time. Love the reddish hues of the natural sandstone.

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